After taking classes for over a year and working towards this certification in natural cosmetic formulation, I’ve obtained endless knowledge regarding emulsions, serums, cosmetic ingredients and thoroughly understanding the foundational chemistry behind how a great skin and body care product works and feels on the skin; in addition to what exactly makes a great product and HOW to get that product to feel a specific way and activate with results. It’s been a long road of discovery, courses, and trial and error recipes; however the goal is lucid.

I want a happy customer. I want a returning customer. I want honesty behind my brand. I want authenticity to be foundation of my brand. I want to curate a community of people who love the truth, who love the beauty space, and who truly understand the evolving and long road of their self care journey.

Now when I say changing, I mean making improvements. I am now working with an all natural surfactant in the emulsified scrubs to give a foaming affect. After a bunch of trial and error adjusting levels in my base formula… I’m so happy with the recipe now and I’m sure you all will love it. It feels incredible on the skin and you don’t have to use as much product so you spend less coinsss. Also the product washes down the drain effortlessly. I’ve noticed in the past with some sugar scrubs, the oils can leave the tub really slippery… indubitably…. that's dangerous lol.

I’m obsessed with the new sugar scrubs. I've been using them now for the last few months prior to adding them to the site and I struggle not exfoliate to every single day. It’s sooo hard, they feel so good on the skin and I've spoiled myself, (and my skin :)) with such beautiful treatment. I pay attention to every detail; to the final viscosity after the scrub sits next to the shower in changing extreme hot then room temperatures, to how the sugar exfoliates differently in adjusting the  temperatures on the base emulsion. (I've used so much sugar and product trying to get this down to the gram for perfection)

As with any small, growing business, improvements will be ongoing the same as our own individual self care/self preservation journey. Self care is ongoing. Consistently recognizing the need to care for self and rewarding yourself daily is something so many of us overlook. There's many factors that causes us to overlook ourselves which I will go into in a further blog post. However, there isn’t a peak, valley, or even a wave. It's a lifestyle that we all are adjusting to adopting. Most of us are doing our best to project the best version of ourselves with the resources we have. And that CAN be enough. 

I'm passionate about encouraging all people to elevate themselves on a mental, spiritual, and emotional level and creating the best products behind that vision of holistic elevation.

Our appeal as humans, truly goes beyond the surface and I’m taking every class,  conducting as much research, and adjusting as much as necessary to ensure our vision is a titanium foundation behind amazing products.

I will forever be improving Yaaganix Naturals in every way possible. 

-Mama Candace Reneé (cause Yaaganix is my baby) lol